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UK Average Salary

What is the average salary in the UK?

Written by: Sally March

If you are wondering whether you are earning below the average or getting paid enough, the information provided in this article will help you in answering that question.

So, what is the average salary in the UK?

According to the Office of National Statistics, new figures show an average salary in the UK for more than 400 job roles, from artists to gardeners, marketing managers and sales to IT technicians.

Their yearly survey demonstrated that an average salary in the country for women and men combined was £29,009, including both part-time and full-time workers. More specifically, an average salary of full-time workers is £35,423. As for an average salary of part-time workers, it is £12,083.

However, based on the recent update, the average of full-time salaries was £36,611 while the average of part-time salaries was £12,495.

Who Is Earning The Most?

It shouldn’t come across as a surprise that officials, senior managers as well as directors earn the highest salaries, earning the average full-time job salary of £58.

As for the lowest paying industries, they include the workers working in leisure and care who earn the average full-time salary of £19k.

Other sectors differ in payment depending on the individual’s job role as well as qualification. For example, in the healthcare sector, the average salaries typically fluctuate between £23,000 and £79,000 which depends on a job role, with nurses earning £32,338, radiographers £34,592, paramedics £36,697 and midwives £35,348.

Furthermore, the ONS reported that average salaries in the UK keep increasing as year on year, people start to earn on average 2.5% more. This was the case before the financial crash that occurred in 2008 during which the average UK salary across the board decreased by -2.5%.

Average Salary In The UK by Age

Do you want to know whether or not you are earning enough money for your age?

Based on the data from the ONS, you should try benchmarking your average salary against other people from the same age and gender group in order to find out if you are earning less or more than you should be.

Full-Time employment

In the late teens and also in early twenties, an average salary for both women and men is £16,771 each year.

In twenties, an average salary for women and men is £26,778 each year.

In thirties, an average salary for men as well as women consists of £36,983 each year.

In forties, an average salary for both women and men is £41,789 each year.

In fifties, an average salary for women and men is £39,435 each year.

In sixties as well as beyond, an average salary for men as well as women consists of £34,200 each year.

From thirties, the averages for both women and men top £30,000 every year which sits around an average salary in the UK – £35,423. But keep in mind that the figures for men and women may differ due to the 13.7% gender pay gap existing because of the full-time salaries between both men and women.

As for the average UK Salary of the part-time workers by age, in the late teens as well as early twenties, an average salary for men and women consists of £6,245 every year.

In twenties, an average salary for men and women consists of £10,758 every year.

In the thirties, an average salary for men and women is £13,875 every year.

In forties, an average salary for men as well as women is £13,958 every year.

In fifties, an average salary for men and women is £13,310 every year.

In sixties as well as beyond, an average salary for men and women is £11,772 every year.

As for the top 25 jobs and their full-time average salary, it looks like the following;

IT Technicians earn £31,731

Administrator earns £25,050

Construction Project Manager earns £40,549

Business/Corporate Project Manager earns £58,478

Police Officer earns £26,605

Education Support Assistant earns £16,700

Business Development Manager earns £52,500

Labourer earns £28,237

Receptionist earns £17,808

Sales Executive earns £26,302

Account Manager earns £52,500

Quantity Surveyor earns £42,511

Care Assistant earns £18,255

Chef earns £21,282

Managers earn £58,862 (but it can differ based on your field)

Nurse earns £32,338

Electrician earns £31,277

Doctor earns £41,494

Lawyer earns £63,771

Writer earns £33,887

Teacher earns £39,388

Business Analyst earns £49,079

Finance Professionals earn £42,578

Customer Service Advisor earns £21,494

Engineer earns £43,628

Although the average salary throughout the UK seems to be a very adequate salary when compared to the average salaries of other countries, in places such as London, the cost of living is one of the highest in the world. London also has the highest rate of people that apply for short term finance such as payday loans throughout the UK. Research carried out by UK direct lender Lucky loans pinpoints London as the payday loan capital of the UK and has estimated that as much of 30% of London residents rely on payday loans in order to make it through to their next payday.

The Need For Financial Planning In Businesses

The need and importance for the planning of finances is one of the most integral things because what is a company without money. Funds are required to run any business because a business is filled with people, and people need money to work. Money is the reason people go to work jobs, and without money, people would realize that there is nothing left for them in that company. A proper flow of finances is what proves to be the lifeblood and also a sort of backbone for a company. You see a lot of companies go belly-up when they start or even a couple of days after they start, and the only reason this can happen is because of the improper flow of cash or deficiency of finances. This has proven to be a very pivotal part of any organization, and by now, you would have understood its importance. In this article, I will provide a couple of compelling reasons why financial planning is needed.


For a business to be successful, you will need a decent amount of income. You will also need some really good planning and also the management of whatever money that comes in. You will need this income to pay off those tax payments and also for all those monthly expenditures you will need to incur as a company.

The continuous flow of cash

The increase or decrease in cash flow will affect the company. Therefore, it needs to be monitored, and you need to make sure that the cash flow does not dip so that you can use the significant amount of cash flow for the betterment and the good of the company.

Security of the company

I have heard on multiple occasions that when the financial integrity of a company is questioned, it is one of the worst things that can happen because no investors will want to invest in a dying company and without investors; you will undoubtedly have an uncertain time making sure that everything runs properly.



A standard of living

When you have a company that is running successfully, you will realize that you will have t0 maintain a standard of living that is otherwise not possible without the proper flow of cash.


Proper financial planning means that you resolution be able to acquire some assets for yourself and your company as well.


Savings is an essential thing that you will need to have, and this is possible with proper financial planning. Some sudden changes when it comes to the financial situation of your company can indeed cause some serious issues. Still, you can fall back on your savings until your company bolts.

The Pros And Cons Of Financial Management

The administration of money related is a really clear as crystal thing, for sure, yet there is something else entirely to it. It alludes to the coordinating, control and arranging of some business activities with regards to the income of the business and this will, this way, has some long haul impacts which ought to support the organization if it is done right. It even incorporates the best possible utilization of some particular standards to the entirety of the monetary resources of the firm and also with the assuming of the job in the administration of income. The extent of financial administration has been known to incorporate choices which identify with raising capital from a wide range of sources. The expense of undertakings will, for sure, be calculated into the costs of the business. It will likewise give speculation choices with regards to the fixed resources and current resources during the whole procedure.

Financial Management for Individuals

Demonstrating effective financial management for individuals can have very positive outcomes, for example if your expenditure stays in line with your monthly earnings at a consistent rate, this can massively improve your affordability according to research carried out by Affordability means how lenders assess how much money they can give you based on your current financial situation. There is no disputing that having a clean financial record can massively improve your chances with lenders.


• Appropriate money related the board has been known to lead the expanded perceivability with regards to activity, and it has been known to help the comprehension of the numbers at all of the levels in the whole business.
• At the point when we are discussing the upsides of money related administration, the main thing that strikes a chord is that the business is truly nothing without the best possible administration and portion of capital, which is the thing that budgetary administration is about.
• It is the administration of the soul of any business or association. I believe that shows precisely how significant it is.
• Monetary the executives have been known to embrace better essential leadership, without a doubt. At the point when the entirety of the pertinent certainties are very open on account of the best possible digitization and the association, it would surely get simpler to determine a few arrangements which are altogether founded on the conditions of the circumstance without a doubt.

• Monetary, the board, has been known to help with tax collection. Charges have regularly been disapproved of as one of the most critical confinements of the money related frameworks, and just a bunch realize how to do it appropriately.
• There are a few escape clauses and a few exceptional cases also. For instance, a business can guarantee charge conclusions which are altogether founded on the best possible amount of the workplace space.


• One of the most essential services of budgetary the board would need to be the way that if it isn’t done well, it will influence the monetary trustworthiness of the organization and that would have some shocking repercussions in fact.
• It is likewise extremely inflexible, and the conditions continue changing, which implies the ones doing it will consistently be watchful.
• It generally involves the income the executives, and it influences everything identified with accounts in the organization.

4 Best Benefits of Having a Credit Card

A credit card is of the tools in the financial market that allows you to avail money borrowing for the purchase of commodities or other services. It is one of the very efficient and convenient products that can be utilized for our day to day expenditures like food, medicines, transportation, groceries, fuel, goods and services. It can also be used for the purchase of expensive and luxuries commodities like Television, motorbikes, travel packages, jewelry, and so on. The credit card is one of the kinds of open-end credit loans; it does not demand any immediate repayment but allows the customer to pay the principal amount in terms of installments that can be paid in a small amount every month. The credit card users experience a systematic way of financial flow because of its scheduled protocol.

There are numerous advantages of having an effective credit card; few of them are listed below.

Persuade of having a credit card

The very first thing that comes to the mind, when we think of the credit cards is going cashless. Why carry cash when you have a credit card? The credit cards make everything so simple that you can get your goods and services just in a swipe. Credit cards exhibit the simplest form of transactions. It can simplify the banking process, payments of bills, and so on in just a single swipe. It has literally replaced 76% percentage of burdens like counting the cash, writing cheques, filling up of applications and so on.

Recurring Payments

Credit cards offer the best services in the payment modes, especially when it comes to one-time payments. The credit card is one of the wonders of the financial industry. It is making use of the robust technology and internet to make the transactions customer friendly since the day of its genesis. It exhibits the recurring modes of payment that we need to perform every month like, telephone bill, current bill, groceries, house rent, and gas bill, and so on.

Simplified Bookings

The credit card has no corners left untouched. It has an immense vastness of approaches in almost all the industries. Credit cards play an important role even in the tourism industries. It is very convenient to carry a credit card instead of carrying huge loads of money. A simple swipe can make your trip memorable. You can book tickets, hotels, flights and even pay for your food expenses using the Credit cards.

Interest-free transactions

Credit cards are one of the coolest financial tools we have. It exaggerates the urge of human living. It leverages great desires to comfort our lifestyles. The credit card lends you money to make purchases of goods and services for no interest. But is expects a small amount of repaying every month as an installment to the used credits. If you fail to repay the minimum amount, you are liable for a little amount of interest as a due fee. The credit cards are the classic example of the saying “buy now pay later”.


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